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Dear Valued customers,

Many thanks for your persistent supporting and help in the past several years.You are welcome to visit our website any time.

It is 10 years past since we established VDL then: 10-year pioneering,10-year raining,10-year gaining.Now VDL has grown up as an influential enterprise in its profession from a small company,which is a process of trading-producing-technique development,and of struggle full of efforts and sweats.Therefore,it is profoundly grateful for all the supporting and egoless loving from all of you,and very thankful of our staff who take great pains with the work.

The guy who has self-confidence,diligence and passion can make achievement,and so does an enterprise.There are lots of competitors in the business markets are to set sail.Self-confidence endows us with much confidence to struggle in the markets of competition & development,and opportunities & challenges;diligence teaches us well to be down-to-earth and of relentless pursuit;and keep passionate as the start-up period.With these three personalities,we takes our place of development in markets.Moreover,those strong points help all of us flash a nature intelligence,and also encourage our cooperation partners meet our future with unbounded confidence.This is our wealth,and value.This is,besides,the power and faith to support us to offer customers high quality products.We know that,good ideas originate from splendid culture,so we respect our staff,which is our culture essence.And our core of development is to create a system of equal competition and talent-oriented recommendation.We are willing to provide good working conditions and a stage for ambitious youngsters to display their talent sufficiently,to support the one with both political integrity and professional competence to realize their value,and then to give an impulse to our better growing.

People should constantly strike to become strong just like the evolution of the universe,and generously cultivate to become tolerant just like the earth bears everything on it.If work,be steady and serious;if get along with people,be easy and faithful;if of pursuit, integrity first;if of progress,without stop!This is VDL's basic principle of life and work.As the saying " Faith will move mountain",we will keep going after the top grade quality and service,designing a win-win ambience of warm & open-minded,of genuine collaboration and pioneering,to be committed to being a leading all-in-one solution supplier of Li-po batteries in the profession.

Your continuing concern will be highly appreciated by us all the time.

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