About Us

VDL,founded in 2006,is the market leader in small and miniature rechargeable lithium ion polymer batteries  VDL provides a wide range of R&D services specific to the development of custom cells and battery packs.VDL has two design and manufacturing facilities in Chongqing and Dongguan,China,which provide manufacturing,testing,certification and post sales support.VDL has sales offices in the US,Europe,and Shenzhen,China

VDLspecializes in leading edge battery technology with a significant focus on custom battery design and state of art production methods.VDL's batteries are safe,environmentally friendly,and pass international Safety Certification's,such as CE/UL.  VDL has secured patents in innovative battery design and advanced automated manufacturing through our extensive experience and scientists.

VDL batteries are widely used in smart wearable devices,including wireless headphones,smart wristbands,smart watches and smart audio.Our batteries are also used in unmanned aerial vehicles,robots,medical devices and army telecommunication equipment.

VDL employs a worldwide management team with a diverse background of experiences.  VDL currently employees over 1,500 people worldwide.  In 2016,VDLimplemented a focused product strategy MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and SPC (Statistical Process Control) program to strengthen its core competencies and achieve daily continuous improvement.

üFocused Product Strategy: To ensure VDL batteries provide the most advanced technology,VDL focuses resources on producing only small and miniature batteries such as coin,cylinder,square and heteromorphic form factor.

üMES (Manufacturing Execution System) Traceability: We utilize QR code,IoT and Big Data technology to analyze the whole production process,which provides traceability back to any single battery.

üSPC quality control tool: SPC (Statistical Process Control) predicts process deviation and alerts operators real-time to take action when manufacturing metrics deviate.

VDL's mission is to supply safe,reliable,and high-quality products at competitive prices.VDL focuses on this to create the maximum value for all its stakeholders,to lead the innovation for the energy industry,and to be a responsible global organization.

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